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The following Zmanim have been calculated for Calgary based on following geographical information:

Using the Controls below, Choose another location (e.g Banff), or enter your own data
(Geographical World and Canada Location data may be obtained at this link)

Location Settings

Lat   deg   min   N  S

Lon   deg   min   W  E

          AM/PM   24H           DST

Note: Remember to check DST (Daylight Savings) above during Spring/Summer

Zmanim Values

Alot Hashachar (dawn)


Hanetz Hachama (sunrise)

Sof  zman  shema (gr"a)

Sof  zman  tefillah (gr"a)

Chatzot  hayom (noon)

Mincha  gedolah

Mincha  ketana

Plag  hamincha

Shkiat  hachama (sunset)

Tzeit  hakochavim (nightfall)

Knissat  Shabbat

Motzei  Shabbat

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