Shabbat Hospitality

If you are interested in spending a Shabbat in Calgary, the following options are available to you:

If you would like to stay at a hotel, the ones closest to the Synagogue are listed below. The walk is approximately 45 minutes on flat terrain.
Carriage House Inn
Delta Hotels Calgary South

There are a number of AirBnB accommodations in the area of the synagogue.
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Home Hospitality

A number of the shomer shabbat families of the Synagogue open their homes to travelers, as part of the Synagogue’s Hachnasat Orchim Committee. Placement is made when possible, but is not guaranteed as some weeks are much busier than others. Historically, the busiest weeks are during the Calgary Stampede and immediately following Tisha B’Av.

Arrangements can be made for meals and/or accommodations when possible with host families, on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that arrangements can not be made more than one month prior to arrival, as the host families can not be sure of their availability too far in advance.

Placement of visitors with families is coordinated through the Hachnasat Orchim Coordinator on a first-come first-served basis. If you are interested in spending a Shabbat in the community please email: 
Home hospitality is free of charge. A donation to the Synagogue, however, would be greatly appreciated.

Potential visitors are advised that it will be very difficult to find accommodations during the week of the Calgary Stampede (in July), both in hotels and in private homes.

Food for Travelers

If you require kosher provisions for your trip to the Rockies, the following is a partial list of products and their availability:

  • sliced bread is available at Carriage House Bakery, Sobey’s (City Bakery Rye is COR, Silver Hills Bakery is BCK), Superstore (various types of rye bread under COR), Co-op (2580 Southland Drive Southwest), and Safeway.

  • cheese is available at most grocery stores (Bothwell Cheese is COR)

  • chalav yisrael dairy can be purchased at Sobey’s Bridlewood (162 Avenue and 24 Street SW)

  • meat – deli meat, hotdogs and frozen chicken/beef is available at Sobey’s Bridlewood and Southport Superstore (Macleod Trail and Southland Drive SW)

  • dairy – many brands of yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc. are available at all grocery stores

  • dry and canned goods – many products are available with kosher certification. Please be aware of the more common Canadian hechshers – COR, MK, and BCK (Kosher Check), and the American hechsher – Orthodox Union.


  • Grocery stores with the biggest kosher selection are Sobey’s Bridlewood (162 Avenue and 24 Street SW), Superstore (10505 Southport Road SW), and Co-op (2580 Southland Drive Southwest), in order of biggest selection.

  • For sit down food, visit Karen’s Cafe at the Calgary JCC (1607 90 Ave SW).

Wishing you safe travels!