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Congregation House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel is the oldest Jewish organization in Alberta. Jacob Lynn Diamond, the first permanent Jewish settler in Alberta, came to Calgary in 1888 from the Vilna area as a fur trader. He and his wife Rachel became the pillars of the town's fledgling Jewish community. Their home in East Calgary was the Synagogue, 'Jewish Center', and even the funeral chapel, until the first Synagogue building, located on 5th Ave. SE, was consecrated in 1912.

Formal organization of the congregation took place in 1909, and it was appropriately named 'House of Jacob'. Over the years, it spawned independent Jewish organizations such as the Chevra Kadisha, Calgary Talmud Torah, and others.

By the late 1950's the membership of the parent House of Jacob began to decline. Its original historic site gave way to urban renewal, and the aging congregation found a second home near 12th St. and 12 Ave. SW. Since then, the congregation has succeeded in reestablishing its membership, which now includes many young families drawn to the Synagogue by the warmth and beauty of Jewish life.

House of Jacob is now located at Jerusalem Rd. and 92 Ave. SW. In keeping with its early beginnings, the revitalized House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel has again asserted the role of traditional Judaism in Calgary. Thanks to the gracious support of members and friends of the congregation in Calgary, and in other cities in Canada, and in particular the Koschitzky family of Toronto, Alberta's oldest center of Jewish life can now look forward to a second youth and a bright future.

Today the Synagogue has a strong family and youth orientation, as well as a strong emphasis on Jewish adult education and outreach through innovative and educational programs. Its future is guaranteed by the new generations growing up in its environment.

Congregation House of Jacob-Mikveh Israel is a member synagogue of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
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