There is always something happening at HOJMI!

Here are some of our annual events:

Hojmi takes part in the “Shabbat Project” 2019

The Shabbat Project is a global, grassroots movement that’s united 1,000,000+ Jews around the magic of Shabbat.
Jews from all walks of life – from across the spectrum of religious affiliation, young and old, from all corners of the globe – come together to celebrate and keep one full Shabbat on 15/16 November 2019.


 On Friday Nov 15/19 Rabbi Binyomin and Malka Halpern opened their home for a “Shabbos Oneg”. As I was walking to their home I was thinking about how Avraham who is central to that weeks Torah portion was known for his kindness and his welcoming of guests.The Halperns certainly emulated that trait as men and women, younger and older all gathered into their home to eat, drink, bond, and sing. People asked questions, shared thoughts, made jokes, and laughed together. It was a beautiful atmosphere, warm, and meaningful.This is what the Shabbos Project is all about, here in Calgary! To bring all Jews together, and to allow everyone to experience the beauty and strength of Shabbos the way it is meant to be experienced, regardless of background or observance. It was “Oneg” for us all.
-David Rose-


Carlebach Havdalah:

Here is a short clip of the talented Rabbi Safren leading a Carlebach Havdalah. The room was filled with a feeling of warmth and closeness.





HOJMI Annual Chanukah Party

At the HOJMI Chanukah Party the community gathers to enjoy Latkes and Donuts,
great music and lots of activities for the kids.
No charge, everyone welcome!



HOJMI Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner

The HOJMI GALA dinner is a fundraising event that features entertainment –
usually a talk by a known speaker, kosher dinner and an auction.





HOJMI Purim Party

The HOJMI Purim party takes place on Purim day, in the afternoon.
Dress up in your costumes and enjoy good food and an entertaining program.
Fun for all kids and adults!
No charge, everyone welcome.








Simchat Beit Hashoeva

HOJMI Annual Sukkot party – Join us in our fabulous Sukkah
for a party full of stories,food, and activities for children.
The entertainment activity changes every year.  No charge, everyone welcome!






HOJMI/Halpern Akiva Annual Father’s Day Soccer Game & BBQ

The annual soccer game faceoff:
Halpern Akiva Academy staff and parents vs. HOJMI members!
The game is followed by a delicious BBQ dinner.
So, who is going to win this year? And on which team are YOU on?





HOJMI Annual Family Hike in the mountains

When you live so close to the Rocky Mountains – you need to make sure you visit there at least once a year!
Bring the whole family to hike one of the many trails in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.
The hikes are moderate and doable for the entire family.
The hike usually held on a Sundays in August.





HOJMI Summer Fundraiser Event

Our Summer Fundraising Event!
For a few years we enjoyed a delicious Israeli BBQ and salad dinner, followed by a delicious dessert.
Last year we had an opportunity to try out some authentic IDF weapons at the shooting range
followed by Pizza and Beer.

 -Program to be announced-





HOJMI Annual Kosher Stampede Breakfast

The only Kosher Stampede Breakfast in town!
In line with Calgary tradition, our enthusiastic group of volunteers put on a Stampede Breakfast that
Calgary is so famous for. We get out early in the morning ‘rain or shine’ to enjoy a western pancake breakfast,
complete with entertainment. This event takes place the week preceding the Calgary Stampede.

No charge, everyone welcome.





Adult & Child learning

In this Saturday evening event, grandparents, parents, and children are coming together for a meaningful
30 minutes of learning, immediately following Havdallah.
The learning takes place in the HOJMI multipurpose room.

Nov 11, 2017- until the end of January, 2018 (except on Shabbat Chanukah).





Melava Malka Events

Melava Malka programming – Because it’s hard to let Shabbat go!
This Motza’i Shabbat event takes place a few times a year, where we meet in one of the community member’s homes.
We either enjoy a talk, or take part in an activity such as a movie, or some other entertaining program.

Check the weekly bulletin for more information.





Book club

In the “Balbusta Book Club” women of our community meet once a month from late spring to late fall.
The group members choose a book, read it during the following month, and in the meeting discuss
their experience, feelings, and thoughts about the book.
Watch for a new reading list coming soon!






Scholar-in Residence weekends

HOJMI often hosts Scholar-in Residence events with guest speakers from a
variety of backgrounds, and on a variety of topics.
The speakers might be Rabbis, Professors, Doctors, Business people, writers etc.





*Dates to be confirmed